‘I don’t smoke weed, l’ve only boiled and drunk it once’ – Ohemaa Woyeje

Radio personality, Harley Adjoa Yeboah Asuama Kusi known affectionately as Ohemaa Woyeje has boldly said on TV that she has consumed weed before.

The fearless and popular morning host on Angel FM told Deloris Frimpong aka Delay on her Delay shows that unlike the traditional way of inhaling the substance, she once boiled it in water and tasted it out of the adventure.

Ohemaa said she first tasted weed after visiting Netherland since it’s known widely that the country has not forbidden the use of the substance which is illegal in many countries.

“I love the scenery and I am pushed to buy some roles, I don’t smoke them anyways, I only carry them on me whiles I am there,” she said.

“I boiled the substance in warm water and tasted it before I left the Netherlands because I could not bring it down,” she added.

Watch her interview with Delay in the post below:


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