I don’t have ‘beef’ with any of my colleagues – Joe Mettle

Ghanaian Gospel Musician, Joe Mettle, has stated that he has a very cordial relationship with all his colleague gospel musicians and does not have an issue with any of them.

According to him, although he is very cool with all his colleagues, he prefers to hang out mostly with the male colleagues instead of the females.

He said this in an interview with Roman Fada on Atinka Drive.

The gospel music industry has been faced with hate, “little little” quarrels and more, citing the recent fracas between some female gospel e.

But for Joe Mettle, he claims he is fine with all of his colleagues.

“I am fine with all of them, just that I prefer to hang out more with the males because they are men and I am also a man. Some of them are older than me and so sometimes when you are around them you will be shy about some things, but when it is boys boys, I feel very comfortable when we all meet. Even though I am younger, when we meet those who are older give me that respect and I also give them their respect. I don’t have any issue with any of them, but if someone has I don’t really care about it,” he said.

He also said he does not have time to bother about the negative things others say about him, in connection with the allegations by Patience Nyarko last year.

He refused to comment on what happened between Cecelia Marfo and Joyce Blessing on stage a few weeks ago.

“I have decided not to say anything about it. It is someone’s issue and I don’t think it is cool to talk about it,” he said.

Joe Mettle said his gospel music has become a tool he uses to praise God, adding that his music has brought blessings to him and others.

He said he listens to God before going to play a show, adding that sometimes he is even stopped from attending a programme.

Joe Mettle said he hears secular music when he goes out but does not listen to it at home on his own, admitting that he knows few of them.

“Sometimes you can hear it but you don’t listen to it, they are two different things,” he said.

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