Govt’s technical advisory team on COVID-19 must be dissolved – Minority

The Minority in Parliament is demanding the dissolution of the government’s technical advisory team on COVID-19.

According to the Minority, the recent upsurge in infections is a clear indication that the team has failed to deliver on its mandate.

Currently, the active case count stands at 6,707 with 472 deaths.

Addressing the press, MP for Juaboso, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh called for the recomposition of the team in a non-partisan and competent manner.

“The government should as a matter of urgency dissolve the technical advisory team from 2020 and recompose a technical team that is multidisciplinary, non-partisan, and competent enough to direct on the management of COVID-19 in the country.”

“Government should release funds to the district and regional teams to enhance contact tracing, as a matter of urgency. Schools should be adequately resourced to enhance the management of COVID-19,” he added.

Below are some other demands Mr. Akandoh made on behalf of the Minority:

  • The government should release enough funds to the Regional and District Health Teams to enhance contact tracing and case testing and pay all the monies promised Health workers.
  • As a matter of urgency expand more management facilities and build capacity to handle the many severe cases that are likely to be confirmed.
  • Schools should be adequately resourced and supported to make the environment safe from COVID-19.
  • The media should be considered by the Government and given enough financial and other resources to enable them to carry out public education on COVID-19.

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