Going back to school after 20 years was a tough decision – Philipa Baafi reveals

Ace Gospel Musician, Philipa Baafi has disclosed in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM monitored by that going back to continue her education after breaking for almost two decades was a tough decision.

“In life whatever you’ve prayed over and you’re determined to do, God shall let it come to pass. I didn’t consider my age because if I had done that I would have been discouraged because it was a long time since I completed school,” she revealed.

She stated on Kastle FM that “After sitting home for a long time it’s not easy to decide that you want to go back to school. I didn’t consider anything but I prayed to God to help me accomplish my ambition. Sometimes in life, people use every little obstacle to discourage themselves.”

Philipa Baafi speaking about her reasons why she decided to pursue further studies to become a medical doctor in the near future, she said she wants to save lives both spiritually and physically.

She continued “I went on further because I know that apart from singing which I use to save lives spiritually, I can also help to save lives by becoming a medical doctor. In this regard I would be saving souls both spiritually and physically so why don’t I further with my passion”.

Philipa Baafi told host that “Today thanks to God, here I am and in the near future I would become a certified medical practitioner. So you can also do it especially if you’re a young person because you have the chance to accomplish your goals.”

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