GFA to implement minimum wage for footballers

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) is set to implement a minimum wage policy for all professional footballers in the country, starting from the 2023/24 season. This was announced by the FA President, Kurt Okraku, during the Dinner with the Legends event last Saturday. “Beyond the introduction of the standard player contact, we have also been discussing the introduction of minimum wages for professional players in this country,” Mr. Okraku said.

“Again, in my visit to the PFAG, we discussed this policy. This policy will go through the internal process and God willing next season, we should introduce minimum player salaries for professional players in this country.

“I understand that there is an insurance scheme for Ex-players of our national teams led by the PFAG. We would explore the possibility of ensuring that we have a 100% coverage on health issues for our players.”

Meanwhile, the GFA also announced that it will soon set up a ‘Legends Fund’ to provide support for retired Ghanaian footballers. “I am happy to say that through the blessings I have received from the Executive Council, the GFA is going to set up the Legends fund,” the GFA President said.

“The GFA will set up the Legends fund and provide a seed money for the Legends fund and ensure that we have a capable team who would continue to work towards looking for funding to protect and to support our Legends in this country.

“We will be meeting on a platform similar to this to officially launch the Legends fund and on that platform all the small details involved in the Legends fund would be made public and this may include monthly stipends to players who have sacrificed for our dear country,” he added.

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