Ernest Opoku bonked me several times for free and dumped me but ‘I no bore’ – Nayas

Kumawood actress, NAYAS 1 born Gladys Mensah Boaku has revealed that she is not bitter that her relationship with Kumasi-based gospel musician Ernest Opoku hit the rocks.

Though it was her desire both settled down as husband and wife, it never happened as a result of their irreconcilable differences which later degenerated into a media war.

Speaking on Kumasi-based Angel FM monitored by, NAYAS 1 who is now married told host Ike De Unpredictable that she has since moved on and forgiven Ernest Opoku. She admitted to having had series of sexual bouts with the musician.

“When I was dating Ernest Opoku, he warned me not to tell my brother, his colleague Brother Sammy because he wants to hide our dating relationship from him. Ernest Opoku knows Brother Sammy is my best friend and I have taken him as my brother. I hold nothing against Ernest Opoku because I have forgiven him a long time ago. We planned to be together but things didn’t work out and it doesn’t mean we are enemies”. She said.

It would be recalled that in 2018, both in a dramatic turn of a rather low-key romantic relationship went public with their love life hopping from one radio station to the other.

In the heat of the whole confusion, Ernest Opoku accused NAYAS of having rashes in her buttocks.

But in a sharp response, the actress denied claims by the gospel musician and insisting that Ernest Opoku could lick her for 15 minutes nonstop.

“I can’t understand why Ernest Opoku is saying I have rashes on my buttocks. In fact, Ernest is a disgrace to the gospel fraternity including pastors for saying what he said about me. How do you lick a lady you claim she had rashes for 15 minutes?”

She added “What Ernest is doing is a disgrace to himself because he’s well-known as a gospel musician. For I am an actress so I have nothing to lose. Besides, how logical it is to continue dating and having sex with a lady who has rashes all over? I don’t have any rashes or whatsoever on my buttocks as communicated by licking Master Ernest Opoku Junior”.

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