Eastwood Anaba ‘apologizes’ to dog meat eaters after viral video

Reverend Eastwood Anaba of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries has told dog eaters that he can never disrespect their favourite delicacy, dog meat.

In a video that went viral on March 2, the Man of God was heard condemning eaters of dog meat.

He was heard saying, “Christian, you get up and go to town and their selling dog meat, you go and buy, they are selling donkey meat…look at the way you look? Look at everyone who eats dog meat and look at their character whether you see a difference between dog and pig and a human being. I am yet to see somebody who eats public dog and donkey meat who looks correct. Look at their stomach, look at their waist, look at the way they walk, look at the way they reason, look at the way they think.”

His comments were met with contempt as eaters of the delicacy condemned the man of God for speaking foul of their favourite meat, especially when he is a Frafra man and should know better.

But speaking to the President of the BONABOTO Group, Dr Andrews Akolaa, Eastwood Anaba indicated that the video circulating on social media is taken out of context.

He says he was dealing with idol sacrifices and eating meat sacrificed to idols and how the Bible is against eating meat from idol sacrifices. He said he cited his childhood days when his father used to sacrifice dogs and other animals. He said at a point, he brought in the health and sanitation aspects of where these meats are, sometimes, sold in the market publicly and the consequences.

The seasoned preacher said, sometimes, he makes some jokes in his preaching. So the other aspect was just to bring humour, even though sometimes, he seems serious.

He said that, if people look critically at the bottom part of the video they will see the Bible verse about idol sacrifices.

He asked people who were offended by the video to forgive him, explaining that he as a Frafra man would ordinarily not look down on the Frafra food.

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