Don’t be selfish, look out for producers too – Ephraim to artistes

Ghanaian music producer, Ephraim has revealed that most music producers have gone and remained broke because of artistes they worked with who hid some life-​changing knowledge from them.

The producer who has suffered similar treatments at the hands of artistes disclosed that there are various avenues for a producer to earn royalties from songs they work on. “This money is not even from the artistes pocket but from the producer’s involvement in the creative process”.

On his accord, publishing deals and split sheets are ways by which international streaming platforms ensure producers also get royalties from body of works they contribute to.

“There are artistes who knew about the publishing deals but never told us about them. Artistes need to look out for producers and if they had been doing that all along, we wouldn’t be here now”.

He praised music group R2bees and D-​Black for consistently looking out for their producers, Killbeatz and DJ Breezy respectively.

Ephraim advised colleague music producers to update themselves on publishing deals and split sheets. “We are getting there”.

He made this known in an interview with Rev Erskine on Y107.9FM’s Myd Morning Radio show.

Ephraim believes every producer has the right to go hard at artistes who refuse to pay them from their work if all other avenues fail. “We are in a country where sometimes that is the only way to be heard”.

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