COVID-19: Impact worsening in Ghana – GMA General Secretary

Observations on the ground show a worsening impact of coronavirus on patients, according to Dr. Justice Yankson, the General Secretary of the Ghana Medical Association.

Although he acknowledged they are yet to establish a scientific basis, Dr. Yankson said the virus was clearly transmitting faster.

“Just based on the empirical evidence, clearly that is where we are. If you come to our health facilities, the way infected persons come now, they are presenting in their worst forms,” he said on the Citi Breakfast Show.

Dr. Yankson also said younger persons were being left with worse conditions by the virus.

“You have teenagers coming in, people in their early 20s, and what have you. If you look at the balance, it is more [young people getting infected] now. We are seeing 15-year-olds who have lost part of their lungs to COVID-19.”

“Even the rate at which doctors and nurses are getting the infection at the workplace is also going up,” he added.

Currently, Dr. Yankson said work is ongoing to establish the details of the changing situation with the virus in Ghana.

In the latest update from the Ghana Health Sevice, five more people have died from the virus bringing the death toll in the country to 372.

The active cases currently stand at 3,613 out of 62,135 total known cases recorded.

There have been 58,150 recoveries/discharges since Ghana recorded its first case in March 2020.

Currently, all 16 regions in the country have active cases with the Greater Accra, Ashanti, Western, Eastern, and Central regions leading with the highest rate of infections.

In view of the recent increase in cases, the GMA urged the government to restrict social activities such as parties, church services, funerals, clubs, and other social gatherings of such nature.

It also wants markets regulated and as much as possible restricted.

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