COVID-19: GNAT, NAGRAT urge calm following infections in schools

Two teacher unions have described calls for the closure of schools as impulsive.

As of February 8, over 90 students in some schools in five regions had been infected with COVID-19.

Following the outbreak, the Ashanti Regional branch of the Ghana Medical Association called for the closure of schools but the National Association of Graduate Teachers and the Ghana National Association of Teachers have disagreed.

The General Secretary of Ghana National Association of Teachers, Thomas Musah, intimated that it was too soon for such a call.

Schools in the country resumed teaching and learning from January 18 after several months of being closed in 2020 to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

Mr. Musah said the infections recorded so far were isolated cases as he cited the circumstances at the Akosombo International School where scores have been infected.

“For one of the schools where we have recorded such high cases, the best way to go is to isolate that particular school.”

“Let us be careful with the way we do generalizations when something happens in a particular or an isolated area.”

The President of the National Association of Teachers, Angel Carbonu, further indicated that the decision on the closure of schools should be up to the Ghana Education Service.

He noted that any assessment of the infection situation by the Ghana Medical Association “should be quickly sent to the Ghana Education Service management and give the information that they have on the ground to the management of the Ghana Education Service to enable it to make an informed decision.”


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