Colleges of Education unable to feed trainees as prices of food items shoot up

The fast pace at which prices of food items are shooting up is taking a toll on the Colleges of Education around the country as they are unable to feed teacher trainees.

The Conference of Principals of the colleges (PRINCOF) says the situation has been compounded by the inability of government to increase feeding grants to the schools.

In a letter addressed to the Education Minister, they sought the approval of the Ministry to allow the students to fend for themselves, starting November 7.

“Principals of Colleges of Education have been trying really very hard to feed trainee teachers in recent times as a result of current market trends.

“Prices of food items have shot up astronomically and food suppliers have refused to supply any food items to colleges because of the indebtedness to these suppliers,” the letter dated October 31 noted.

According to the Principals, a request for an upward review of the feeding grant has not been approved and this is making it increasingly difficult for them to provide three meals a day to the students at ¢6.50, a reason they are requesting the students fend for themselves.

“In the light of the above, it is the wish of PRINCOF to be given permission to ask students to start fending for themselves. This is to ensure that the already stretched academic year is not disrupted,” they pleaded.

Read the full statement below:


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