Chiana Paramount Chief influences investors to revamp Zuarungu Meat Processing Factory

Some foreign investors have expressed their readiness to refurbish the Zuarungu Meat Processing Factory following an appeal made to them by the Paramount Chief of Chiana and President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs, Pe Ditundini Adiali Thomas-More.

The Paramount Chief, whose father was a key member of a team that drafted the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, is also said to be currently in talks with some other investors to give a face-lift to the Northern Star Tomato Processing Factory at Pwalugu in the Talensi District and some other non-operational factories across the Upper East Region.

A statement given by his office to the press says the move to revamp the collapsed factories is part of his neutral vision to help the region and Ghana as a whole to attain by the year 2030 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on poverty, hunger, education, health, and environmental protection among others. The office says the refurbishment project would also help address rural-urban migration and unemployment-related crimes in the region and beyond.

The President of the Upper East Regional House of Chiefs is among some five candidates for an upcoming Council of State membership election in the region. The election is scheduled for Friday, February 12, 2021, at the House of Chiefs in the regional capital, Bolgatanga.

“The Chiana Pio deserves the slot to represent the region as a Member of the Council of State. He is a unifier and he has effective lobbying skills. As the President of the House of Chiefs, he has been very firm in pushing for the unity and development of the region. He does not discriminate no matter the background you are coming from. All he wants is to see to it that everybody’s welfare is catered for. He has got a lot of development plans for the region. He became the President of the House of Chiefs just recently, but look at the development he has brought so far,” said one of the 30 delegates who will be casting their votes this Friday.

Pe Ditundini Adiali Thomas-More is said to have also assured the delegates that he will maintain the Electoral College as a “pool of wisdom” to guide his advice on state policies if elected a Member of the Council of State at Friday’s election.

The contenders, as captured on a notice of poll released this month by the Electoral Commission, are: “Mosore Kugbilsong Nanlebetang, a traditional ruler; Akurugu Eric Aligiyelah, a teacher; Yaw Mort, a businessman; Akamboe Ayirebasia, a public servant and Ditundini Adiali Thomas-More.”

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