Since the nation got hit by the LBGTQIs wave, the raging conversation has tended to be led by our celebrities and a section of our human rights activists. At least we have heard one popular lady artiste and one popular male footballer who is openly siding with the LBGTQIs.

The rest of the sympathizers, of course, have been reacting from the fringes.

Conversely, those who have been against the degenerate onslaught of our sovereign state by the dodgy organisation have been traditional rulers and religious leaders; senior citizens, and opinion leaders. And that, in our opinion, is striking.

Worrying picture

While we sweat over strategizing to contain this threat to our socio-cultural heritage, in the absence of any further legislation, it is important that we tackle the menace from the roots. Before we do that conclusively, however, we need to look at the seeds that have tended to breed this cultural malaise that an insignificant segment of the population wants to foist on us.

Readily, we may find such seeds in kids who are supposed to be in school, studying to become national assets for development but who go on social media twerking or insulting elders or hiring gangs to beat up teachers as we read in the same media.

Those of us who may be old enough understand what twerking is and the sanctions it used to attract in healthy communities. But that is aside from the harrowing tales of girls caught in armed robbery or boys doing tramadol and valium; marijuana and coke.

Wherefrom they?

Evidently, these are not boys or girls who have dropped from Mars or Mercury, but human beings who can be traced to homes and communities. It also means we can trace them to parents and relatives.

Since civilization, training has been a key ingredient in growing and building kids to replace adults in the future. History has therefore proved that nations that have cultural underpinnings to their political systems are those which have managed to survive threats from within and without and prosper.

Thought we admit that some of such cultures have been suspect, there is every indication that a holistic cultural training programme, with the home as the basis, has done much to energize most of the states which we now aspire to emulate including Malaysia and Hong Kong; Sweden and Scandinavia.

So, when political leadership launched the New Deal and the American Dream, ordinary citizens buying into it became prosperous, making the US a natural investment destination, capable of attracting cheap labor to ignite their economy.

We also know that strong leadership – from home and school through the workplace to public life – is imperative in enabling society to attain its national developmental goals.

Bulging youth population

Development experts have affirmed that one of the advantages of nations in West Africa over their counterparts in the rest of the continents is that it has a bulging youth population, which appropriately harnessed, should be able to move the continent out of poverty into sustained growth.

Harnessing these latent human resources is imperative in creating jobs and wealth and enhancing rural and national development.

Unfortunately, it is this same advantaged youth who are being sold garbage by alien cultural forces to compel them to dump their hopes and dreams on the altars of fleeting beastly passions.

Taking charge

All we can do as parents and community leaders, as government offers strong political leadership, is take charge and begin restructuring our homes and communities as bastions of training and aspiration to become what we need to become, rather than what some loony celebrity sells our kids.

We must understand that the greatest asset we can bequeath our kids is the knowledge that is capable of enabling them to protect the little that they inherit from us and turn them into mighty assets for the benefit of succeeding generations.

Whether we are traditionalists or Christian; Muslim or agnostic, there is always a convergence of what is right and wrong; lawful and awful; and that is whether we, as leaders or parents, would have our kids leaving the rest of their lives as responsible citizens or LBGTQIs and beasts.

And that is a tricky choice we must live with.

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