In the last few days, we are seeing and hearing calls from the younger generation in the New Patriotic Party for energizing the party into December 2024 through the infusion of fresh blood to replace tired limbs have been thunderous since the last few days.

That Ghana, like most nations in West Africa, is a youthful population cannot be denied. Those calls therefore may be justified, as long as it is not one that would bay for the blood of the experienced leadership.

But, we also believe that those calls may have arisen out of the not-too-refreshing results of the parliamentary results as far as the last 2020 elections were concerned.

We understand therefore that the thinking is that, because of the very crucial nature of the 2024 general elections, some re-strategizing is imperative in strengthening the structures of the party and securing victory in the 2024 general elections.

Of course, the results of the last elections were not at all what we all expected. Indeed, we ceded too many seats.

However, we still need to appreciate the party leadership for a modest effort and contribution, while we look forward to more ingenious ways of restructuring the party to deliver the agenda that we all desire.

That is why we express our sincerest thanks to all national, regional, constituency, and polling station executive officers who toiled day and night in trenches throughout the regions and constituencies to give the President those 500,000 delicious votes that continue to give John Mahama and his NDC leadership sleepless nights.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on human activities, we must admit that the party leadership did the best they could do under the circumstances.

That is why they all deserve commendation for the overall victory at a period moving out into the open demanded courage and at a time hooligans and bandits were unleashing terror in communities probably as part of someone’s grand scheme to intimidate voters to stay indoors and not come out to vote in their numbers.

Calling for the infusion of some more fresh blood, of course, does not imply that the party is infected with old bones or that inept young men should forcibly take the place of credible brains and experience that can still guide the NPP’s armies into battle in 2024 and return victorious.

It only means that the party needs more mentoring programmes that would enable it to generate succession plans as a strong and robust political organization and be a party of natural choice to Ghanaians.

Already, the President’s vision that has put Ghana on the map as a global player in attracting partnerships in business and development has proved a potent tonic that helped win the 2020 elections.

That new policy should be able to help tap all latent talent and potential in the party for grooming as a fillip for winning future elections and sustaining the NPP’s philosophy of Freedom in Development as an honor to the party and exiting President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

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