In an official release doing the rounds in the media, National Democratic Congress media and political maverick, Stephen Atubiga, has finally dumped the NDC and formed a new Party, after griping about the poor leadership styles of Asiedu Nketia and Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.

Slamming the leadership of the party in a later interview on a couple of networks, Atubiga deprecated the Ofosu Ampofo and Asiedu Nketia administrations, saying they lack credibility to lead the party into the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections.

Stalwarts that got scathed in the attacks include top Ga NDC leaders Professor Joshua Alabi and former Minister and GIHOC Distilleries boss Sherry Ayittey.
Since 1992, the saga of NDC youth and top leadership resigning has become a matter of phenomenon defying understanding.

The resignation which took effect on May 20, 2021, had Atubiga admitting that the NDC has been a source of blessing to him and his family for the past 29 years. He has worked for it and supported it in the belief that the philosophy and principles undergirding its formation would be enduring and sacred.

“Resigning from the NDC is one of the most difficult decisions I have ever taken in my life. But sometimes in a man’s life, one must take a firm stand and bite the bullet in the interest of so many cogent reasons,” he stated.

According to him, he took that “difficult decision,” after carefully consulting with some disappointed, demoralized, side-lined and disillusioned key stakeholders, who include cadres, foot-soldiers, opinion leaders.

Together with the group, he added that they have collectively decided to split from the NDC to form another social democratic party in furtherance of the true ideology of the late President Jerry John Rawlings and his principles of probity and accountability which the current NDC party has departed from years ago.

He was worried that the NDC party, since 2012, has been losing loyal voters till date, especially in all the northern regions of Ghana, adding that this is so because the leadership of the NDC party has continuously detached itself from the concerns and sufferings of the ordinary voter.

In his opinion, the NDC leadership no longer respect the rights of their voters to hold them accountable for their glaringly incompetent, compromised, parochial personal interests and lousy leadership both in power and in opposition.

Describing them as a “dangerous bunch of tyrants viciously refusing to answer legitimate questions in respect of their stinking stewardship culminating in this shameful, painful and avoidable 2020 electoral defeat,” he said the “vindictive and chameleon nature of some of these current national executives of the NDC party and their appointed surrogates within the party headquarters [who] carry themselves around as though seriously interested in JDM becoming a president again,” are the real silent cancerous tumors that must be purged from leadership positions in the coming NDC national executive elections, if JDM is ever to become a president again.

He revealed that it has always been the grand agenda of a clique within the NDC to punish JDM, while the grassroots suffer in silence and hopelessness across the country.

He joined cadres to ask again where the NDC pink sheets of the 2020 are; what happened to the huge moneys financed by JDM and which allocated to the various campaign directorates; what happened to IT collation system allegedly put in place by the party executive and whose responsibility it was to secure the votes at the polling stations.

Additionally, he queried the invasion of an “anti-JDM clique manoeuvered and influenced the appointment of their loyal co-conspirators as election directors, campaign team members and the two AWOL musketeers at the EC headquarters which compromised the true presidential outcome.”
Another biting question he had for the NDC leadership was their wasting of the party’s time and resources creating false hope in respect of a so-called election auditing, resulting in the NDC going to court with an empty hand.

The angry defector also accused the leadership of breeding unchecked factions at the top echelon who are full of greed, entrenched political hypocrisy and hatred for JDM and his family and who should be held responsible for the defeat of the NDC in 2016 and 2020 general elections.
He warned that until the grassroots gathered courage and confront these self-seeking leaders, the frustration will persist.

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