Another daughter of Jerry John Rawlings pop up

Ghanaians and lovers of the late former President Jerry John Rawlings are not done settling and addressing the issues surrounding the alleged first daughter of the former president who just surfaced a few days ago.

Another woman who also claims to be the daughter of JJ has also surfaced with her own story to back her claims.

The woman who identified herself as Kate Yeboah Rawlings in telling her story in a telephone interview narrated that her mother met the late former President at Breman Asikuma where she resided, leading to a relationship.

According to her, her single mother was finding it difficult to cater for her and therefore handed her over to her an aunt and her husband who happens to be military personnel.
Kate continued that her aunt started to call her Zanetor which struck her to find out about herself and her biological father.
It was during that period that her aunt opened up about being the daughter of JJ Rawlings adding her mother at one time even collapsed upon hearing the name JJ Rawlings a thing that heightened her suspicion.

Asked why she decided to keep this private until after his death, she disclosed that she wasn’t too sure to be accepted by his immediate family hence kept quiet.

She, however, alleged that she had a father-daughter bond with the late former president to the extent that he was financing her and her children to make up for the lost years they have been apart.

As it stands now, both ladies are yet to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are actually daughters of the late stateman.


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