Amidu did Ghana’s democracy a disservice for releasing Agyapa report without Finance Ministry’s response – Ofori Atta

The Finance Minister-designate, Ken Ofori-Atta holds the view that, the then Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu did the country and its democracy a disservice for releasing his report on the Agyapa royalties agreement without including in it a response from the Finance Ministry.

“For such a report to be put out in the public [domain] without us or myself as Minister of Finance having a chance to discuss it, is a disservice to our democracy,” he said during his vetting on Thursday, March 25, 2021.

According to him, the various “conjectures [in the report] are inimical to growth, and it does not help the kind of freedom of policy orientation and innovation that we require for this country to grow”.

Martin Amidu’s 64-paged corruption risk analysis report released in 2020 compounded the woes of the Agyapa deal which had already been flagged by opposition parties and civil society organisations.

Amidu through his report punched further holes into the deal. This led to some stakeholders calling for the resignation or dismissal of the Finance Minister.

But appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament on Thursday, Ofori-Atta said his fundamental human rights and that of all persons who played a part in pushing through the deal were breached.

He used the opportunity to defend the work his Ministry and the various institutions engaged in the deal put in prior to the approval by Parliament.

“I do not feel that we broke any rule and I think the Attorney General will be able to give you a firm assessment of that.”

Ofori-Atta said the government has good intentions for the country hence introduced the Agyapa deal to make more money from the country’s gold royalties to propel Ghana’s growth.

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