Akuapem Poloo gives MoMo, bank account details for fundraising – DKB

Incarcerated actress Rosemond Brown, popularly referred to as Akuapem Poloo was looking good and doing well a day after she was jailed by an Accra Circuit Court for 90-​days.

This is according to comedian DKB who said on Sunday, April 18, that he had visited Poloo to give her moral support and that she was: “looking good and feeling fine”.

“Hey everybody, Rosemond is looking good, she is feeling fine,” he said in a video posted on his Facebook page before adding that he had received her express permission to publish money transfer details to raise financial support for her.

“When I went to see her; I told her give me your momo number let me give it to the people and also your bank account for someone to donate more than 1,000 cedis,” he said.

His video was specifically reacting to some backlash he was facing after publishing a flyer with mobile money and bank account details of Poloo for people who wanted to support her financially.

DKB said he had been bugged by calls and contacts across his social media pages by people wanting to support the embattled actress so after seeking her consent, he quickly put together the artwork and circulated it.


Akuapem Poloo was last Wednesday convicted on her own plea by the Circuit Court in Accra after pleading guilty to three charges.

She was charged with the publication of nude pictures with her seven-​year-​old son. She changed her earlier not guilty plea to guilty before being convicted.

She was sentenced to 90 days on each count but the court said, the sentence must run concurrently, which means she will only serve a 90-​day jail term.

The Court presided over by Her Honour Mrs. Christina Cann said such cases were becoming prevalent in society and institutions, including the court, must act.

The court said it took into consideration all the pleas for mitigation before arriving at the decision.

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