Akon reveals he got a hair transplant worth $7,500

Akon has confirmed that he got a hair transplant, and it cost him $7,500. In an interview with Bootleg Kev, the singer admitted he went to Turkey for “a procedure” to restore his hairline.

“In the beginning, my whole front was loose, it was real thin,” the 49-year-old told Kev, who asked if it was a painful procedure. “Nah, no. The painful part is the beginning when they gotta numb you up. That numbing ain’t no joke. They stick a needle like this big, non-stop.”

Akon confirmed that they took a graft, and overall he appears happy with what the doctors did despite the pain.

“It looks amazing,” he added, to which Kev joked that Tory Lanez should’ve gone to the same doctor.

“I told him,” the artist replied. “I said, ‘Tory should’ve come to my man.’ Like, bro, you know.”


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