A lady doesn’t speak the way you did – Socrate Safo rebukes Lydia Forson

Kwasi Aboagye and Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo are not the only public figures who find Lydia Forson’s rant about how disgusted she was when a man supposedly sent for her number awkward and unwarranted. Filmmaker Socrate Safo is equally baffled and has stated emphatically that the posture of the actress is uncharacteristic of a lady.

“Sometimes, you go for a party and a waiter slips a card. The ladies who are wise enough will pick the card. They understand the communication,” Socrate Safo said in local dialect Twi.

In his submission on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review, Saturday, the movie producer expounded that granted the said man wanted to lure her into a relationship, the decision to not approach her should not be interpreted as disrespectful. According to him, it rather shows how the said man reveres Lydia Forson.

Socrate Safo emphasized that he expected Lydia Forson to handle the issue in a mature manner than go berserk in her quest to prove a point.

“You don’t talk like someone who is not enlightened. You don’t talk like that in the public,” he scolded. “There is a way a lady is expected to talk so people take notice and learn from you. This is unacceptable. It’s never disrespectful for someone to send for you or for your number. On the contrary, it is a respectful approach.”

Lydia Forson, in a short video clip which had been in circulation and courted attention, paraded adjectives to express discontentment and pontificated that she will never honour an invitation from a man who for whatever reason decides to send for her rather than approaching personally.

In her view, a man who has an interest in a lady should be respectful enough to walk towards her and make his intentions known for consideration.

She said: “Even when I was in JSS, when a guy calls me, I’ll still not go to him because if you want to talk to someone, you walk to the person. That’s what respectful people do; that’s what decent people do, that’s what people with courtesy do. Don’t ever sit in your car and send someone to come for my number. Who do you think you are?”

That argument was diffused by Kwasi Aboagye, the host of Entertainment Review, and Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, a regular panelist on the show.

“How many people have done that to have triggered her decision to do makeup, apply lipstick, and record a video?” Kwasi Aboagye asked. “I’m sure if indeed this happened to her, she addressed the issue there and then so why the video? Is it that she wants us to know she is Lydia Forson and is not cheap? Lydia, what is your problem? I don’t really get it. Or you need attention? I think you need attention otherwise you’ll not do this video.”

On his part, Arnold said: “She spoke about respect, courtesy, class, decency… How is this disrespectful? How is this indecent? How do you record a video over this? You refused to honor people’s invitation to JSS and so what? What is this? Maybe she feels she wants to be approached; fair enough. But don’t make it seem as if it is disrespectful, it doesn’t show decency… Don’t come and disturb us. Do you know the number of people who went through this process and have subsequently been married for years?”

“For all you know, you have no idea why the person sent for your number. There could be a thousand and one reasons so don’t sit in your car and claim status. You don’t know the situation of the one who sent for your number. You have no freaking idea so you too, show courtesy; show respect,” Arnold added.

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