7 Killed in new Bawku clashes

Renewed violent clashes in Bawku have claimed seven lives over the weekend.

Graphic Online sources suggested that the latest incident was triggered by the alleged killing of an old man at Seenateng, a suburb of Bawku, after
some unknown assailants shot him, last Saturday.

His son, who also suffered severe gunshot wounds in the attack, is currently responding to treatment at the Vineyard Hospital.

The old man’s death, which later went viral, resulted in sporadic shootings in several areas of the town, leaving four other persons dead.

The spillover of gunshots Sunday resulted in the death of two more persons, bringing the death toll to seven.

No market

The renewed disturbances and sporadic shootings Sunday, a market day in the town, shutdown economic activities.

A resident said traders from adjoining districts such as Pusiga, Bawku West, Garu and Tempane, among others, were unable to transport their farm produce and
other commodities to the town for sale.

Traders appeared to have abandoned the idea of travelling to the vibrant Bawku Market when they got wind of the sporadic shooting.

The source said, “Currently, there are only a few people around the Highways area towards the Bolnaba stores engaged in some form of

“Sadly, the Prisons area through the police station area towards the main township has been deserted, with no activity,” the source added.

The sporadic shooting has destroyed a conductor within the town affecting power supply to Pusiga, Garu, Gambaga, Nalerigu, Bunkprugu and its environs as well as Bittou in Burkina Faso and Dapongo in Togo.

A team of personnel from the Ghana Grid Company and Northern Electricity Distribution Company were on site working to rectify the problem.

Source: Graphic Online

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