3 more fugitives grabbed

Three more of the 12 suspects who broke cell at the Atadeka District Police station in the Kpone Katamanso Municipality have been re-arrested.

They were hiding at Juapong in the Volta Region.

Their re-arrest brings to six the number of cell breakers rounded up out of the 12.

The first three fugitives who were re-arrested include Akorli Amisha, Ibrahim Adans and Mubarack Seiti.

They were put before the Ashaiman Circuit Court, charged with conspiracy to commit crime; assault on public officer and escape from lawful custody; and have been sentenced to a 12-month jail term with hard labour.

All three of them pled guilty to the first and third counts but pled not guilty to the second count.

They are to reappear on 28 April 2021.

The police are still on a manhunt for the six other fugitives.

The police started a manhunt for the escaped inmates who broke cell at the over the weekend.

Prior to the escape, one of the suspects feigned illness and requested some porridge on Easter Sunday.

One of the two police officers on duty served him the porridge but the inmate doused the law officer’s face with the porridge, disorienting him while the 12 inmates escaped.

One of the fugitives was first arrested within the neighbourhood after a report from a resident.

A second one who attempted fleeing the community, was also caught after an alarm was raised.

The family of a third fugitive gave him up. SOURCE: classfmonline

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