Your attacks on Bawumia will not win you flag bearer election – Gideon Boako to Kennedy Agyapong

Dr Gideon Boako, the spokesperson of Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, has condemned the vile attacks on the person of Dr Bawumia by Kennedy Agyapong and his supporters.

He pointed out that such actions by his opponents will not win them the flag bearer contest. In a statement , Dr. Boako said , “ First, it was Alan’s supporters. Now it is Ken and his supporters, but Bawumia still remains calm.”

Good man
Describing the Vice President as a good man, Dr Boako said in the flag bearer elections campaign, Dr Bawumia has been. the most attacked, the most abused, the most vilified, the most disrespected, and the most denigrated, but he is still calm and very focused.

“He has not been responding to his attackers and has not shown any sign of the same. I wonder how many of his competitors can do the same. Interestingly, those exhibiting such abusive attitudes against the Veep are the ones crying the most. How interesting it is,” Dr. Boako stated.

Lying about the dead
What is even more shocking, the spokesperson indicated, is that some of the opponents of the Vice President have been spreading lies about the deceased mother of Dr. Bawumia. “It is shocking how politics can get us to even lose our respect for the dead. Let them continue, and they will lose and lose big and come and cry like hungry babies with no parents.”

Delegates will speak
Emphasizing that delegates of the party will speak loudly during the presidential primary on November 4, Dr Boako stated: “The reality is that NPP delegates know what time it is, and they choose their leaders recognizing the dynamics of the times and seasons.”

He added: “I can understand the desperation and frustration in some of the aspirants, hence the needless attacks. But let it be told that their insults and attacks on the person of the Vice President and his family can not win them the elections. What didn’t we see or hear before the superdelegates and what happened?”

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