You were my inspiration and made me who I am today – Lilian Kumah

Apostle Lilian Kumah, the widow of the late Ejisu MP Dr. John Ampontuah Kumah, has paid a heartfelt tribute to her husband, describing him as her “everything”.

The tribute was delivered at a solemn gathering of thousands of loved ones, including political leaders, who assembled to mourn with the family.

In her tribute, Apostle. Kumah described John Kumah as her best friend, supporter, provider, teacher, and encourager.

She recounted how he supported her throughout her education, investing in her and helping her succeed.

She also praised his unwavering support for her religious leadership, even when she became a lady pastor.

Apostle Kumah remembered her husband as a unique and forgiving person who always showed her respect and inspired her to be better.

She also vowed to ensure his dreams come true and not disappoint him.

“You were my everything. You were not just my husband, but also my best friend. My supporter, my provider and my teacher. My encourager even in my journey as a religious leader, you helped me.

You made me who I am today. I met him in Accra and I had done with my SSCE. You helped me throughout my education. You invested in me a lot including my education and I passed successfully.”

“Despite your investment in my education, you supported me even when I became a lady pastor. You have been my inspiration all my life and have been why I strived to be a better person. You forgave despite the situation.

“You gave me the needed respect in all conditions. You were unique in all your dealings. I will never disappoint you and ensure all your dreams come true.”

Source: citinewsroom

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