UPSA ‘big’ girl lashing ‘small’ girls in hostel; Univ authorities initiate investigations

The management of the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has intervened in the incident in which a senior student, [big girl] is seen in a video lashing some junior students [small girls] with a cane in one of the hostels.

According to the university authorities, an Investigation committee has been set up to go into the issue.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the culprit [big girl] is in a special non-tertiary programme in preparation for an external professional examination.

Upon completion of the investigation, all responsible persons will face the full rigor of sanctions, a statement issued by UPSA management on Wednesday evening [April 5, 2023] said.


In the incident, a video of which has been shared on social media, some junior students are seen being flogged by another in a hostel.

Two different videos have been shared on social media in which a female student who has been identified as Queenstar was seen brutalizing other students [smaller girls] in separate settings.

In one of the videos, supposed to have been secretly recorded in the hostel lobby, the “bully”, who is regarded as a senior, is shown inflicting pain on the other student over claims that she had circulated a rumour about her.

The culprit, appearing thick and tall grabbed the smaller victim in the dark and whipped her with what is suspected to be a cane.

Intermittently, she is heard asking the victim, “where do you know me”.

The other video captures another student sitting on a bed with her palms stretched out and receiving lashes in the palm from the said culprit.UPSA

management’s reaction

In a press statement copied to Graphic Online which is dated April 5, 2023 signed and issued by the Registrar of UPSA, Dr Koryoe Anim-Wright, the management explained that it has more than 20,000 students who are committed to their studies and follow the University’s Code of Conduct diligently.

“The behaviour exhibited in the video goes against our Code and does a disservice to the majority of UPSA students who uphold the values of respect and professionalism for which UPSA is known.

“The University’s Code of Conduct, to which all our students subscribe, remains the document that drives student behaviour and conduct at UPSA. Students who violate the Code face disciplinary proceedings.

Source: Graphic Online

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