Some Ghanaian students stranded in Turkey after Monday’s earthquake

Some Ghanaian students from Gaziantep University in Türkiye (Turkey) are stranded after a massive earthquake struck the city on Monday, killing about 10,000 people.

According to the students, their attempts to obtain bus tickets from the Ghana-Turkey embassy in order to migrate from the affected area to a safer city, Ankara, have been futile.

The students claimed that instead of getting them the tickets, Ghana’s embassy in that country said it was currently seeking financial clearance for such venture.

The situation has compelled the students to purchase the tickets themselves.

One of the students, Abdullah Rabiu, spoke to Citi News about the problem and said: “What baffles me is that, the Embassy said, we were to purchase the tickets ourselves for a refund [later] with an excuse that a letter must be written for them to get an approval for funds to purchase the tickets for us.  Life is really important, so we are looking at how we are going to cope. Our lives are at stake because there are aftershocks. Anything can happen because we are just trying to survive.”

Source: Citinewsroom

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