‘Pillar of Peace’ Otumfuo discusses KNUST collaboration with University of St Andrews

The Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has initiated discussions with the University of St Andrews in Scotland for a collaboration with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST).

During a visit to the Principal and Vice-Chancellor of St Andrews University, Prof. Sally Mapstone at her residence, the Asantehene said as Ghana’s.biggest science and technology university of 70 years, KNUST has a lot to offer, and also learn from St Andrews University which is over 600 years old. “We are very interested in discussing collaboration with your university and I’m happy to inform you that I came with the Chairman of the University Council who will take up the matter,” he told her host.

The discussions with the Principal centered mostly on matters of education. The Asantehene said he was impressed with the quality of graduates that are churned out at St Andrews University. “From what I read, your students are very positive when they go out,” he stated.

Young Africans
Otumfuo Osei Tutu II encouraged young Africans at the university to take their studies seriously so they come back to help in the development of their respective countries . The King congratulated the Vice-Chancellor for her sterling leadership at the university.

Prof. Mapstone welcomed the suggestion for collaboration with KNUST, saying St Andrews University is already engaged in such collaborations with some universities in the world . “We are a remarkably an international university in a small town, and our history is well known,” she said.
She said the university was proud to host Otumfuo.

Later in a statement issued, SAASUM expressed gratitude to His Majesty for making the long journey over to Scotland to enrich the students of St Andrews’ academic experience and the experience of the wider St Andrews community. “You were and continue to be so loved, and very much followed by those around the world— including us here, in our tiny seaside town,” the statement said.

Pillar of Peace
In her introductory remarks before Otumfuo gave his keynote address at the St. Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) on Saturday, September 16, 2023, Prof. Mapstone noted how Otumfuo successfully led the peace process in Dagbon, a development that won him the award of ‘Pillar of Peace’ at the Africa Premier Leadership Awards (APLA).

Otumfuo was in Scotland to deliver the keynote address as SAASUM on the topic, “Traditional Leadership in a Modern Society.”

Africa Union
During his keynote address, Otumfuo mentioned the admission of Africa Union into the G20. “At least the move underscores the point that Africa can no longer be taken for granted,” he stated.

But, he sounded a caution: “Whether this was an exercise in window dressing, or a significant step in global development, only time will tell.”

Defining century
Otumfuo said the last century was arguably the defining century of the Africa continent. “The preceding century to me was one of humiliation when colonialism took a better part of the continent in what became known as the Scramble for Africa,” he added.

He said leadership is critical to the quest for development , and therefore urged African leaders to take come up with positives and programmes that will ring hope to the people.

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