Overlord of Gonja Kingdom is dead

The king and Overlord of Gonja, Prof Tuntunba Boressah II has died.

The death of the 90-year-old king was announced by the Registrar of the Savannah Regional House of chiefs Abutu Kapori at the Jakpa Palace on Sunday.

Boressah II who was the president of the Savannah Regional House of chiefs died in the early hours of Sunday, 5th February 2023.

Traditional funeral rites and mourning have commenced.

The late Chief was enskinned as Yagbonwura in March 2010. Before his enskinement as Yagbonwura, he was the Paramount Chief of the Kusawgu Traditional Area of Gonja under the skin name Kusawguwura Sulemana Jakpa.

He was the son of Yapeiwura Bakari, the son of Yagbonwura Mahama of Kusawgu and Mma Nyenbali Chiraba.

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