Man set ablaze for insulting suspect’s wife in Sehwi Bekwai

A 35-year-old man, Dandu Painter, is accused of setting ablaze a 39-year-old man at Sehwi Bekwai in the Bibiani Anhweaso Bekwai municipality of the Western North Region.

This allegedly happened because the deceased Kofi Kumi is said to have insulted Dandu’s wife’s private part.

According to Adom News, Kofi Kumi is reported to have visited a drinking spot to take alcoholic beverages but refused to pay for them.

The drinking spot attendant alerted Dandu Painter’s wife to collect her money from the deceased, inciting an altercation between the two parties which eventually had to be settled by their families.

However, people in the vicinity began to taunt and make fun of Kofi Kumi, even going as far as to insult Painter’s wife. Outraged, Dandu Painter is believed to have gone and bought fuel and turpentine to set Kofi Kuma ablaze in retaliation.

Kofi was taken to the Green Shield Hospital at Sehwi Bekwai, but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Yaa Foriwaa, mother of the deceased, has requested the Sehwi Bekwai Police Command and the Inspector-General of Police to arrest the fugitive, Dandu Painter, and bring him to book.

The body of the deceased has been deposited at Sehwi Ahweaso Hospital for preservation.


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