I’ve Enhanced My Body – Salma Mumin

Actress, Salma Mumin, has finally confirmed she went through a surgical procedure to enhance her body curves.

The revelation has come years after Salma denied rumours that she had gone under the knife to enhance her butt.

In a post to trolls who have been asking her to seek a refund from her surgeon, Salma said that she doesn’t need anyone to tell her how she looks.

“To all who think I need a refund from my surgeon. Look I have a mirror; I see my body first thing when I wake up.

I know how I look, I don’t need anyone around me or on this app telling me how terrible my body looks. I saw my previous body that y’all loved so much yet trolled me over. Till recent times I didn’t even know y’all loved it with all your hearts,” she wrote.

She continued, “Y’all called me names upon names but here today telling me that was the most beautiful body y’all saw then. That makes you all hypocrites. Shame.”

“I saw that body and still went for this, meaning I love this. If I wake tomorrow and don’t like this one, I will change it and there is nothing none of you can do about it! Leave me alone wai. The one pressing it is not complaining neither am I complaining. I’m addressing it because I have grown out of worrying about your comments about my buttocks. Nothing y’all say gets to me.”

“Challey, if you don’t like it and can’t keep mute, go hang a transformer or jump into the sea. This is not an explanation because I don’t owe it to any of you. This is me setting the records straight and putting y’all in your places,” she added.

“Looks like silence is not golden anymore. Yes!! I denied it in the beginning but I’m not god to not change my mind on my decisions. So yessss!!! I have enhanced my body, go into the world and spread the news. I am not any of you’s child. For now please go shop the ‘eve dress’,” she concluded.

Source: daily guide

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