Inusah Fuseini speaks about his son’s arrest in the United States

Former Tamale Central Member of Parliament, Inusah Fuseini, has opened up about the arrest and imprisonment of his son, Abdul Inusah, in the United States.

Abdul Inusah, aged 32, was recently sentenced to a two-year prison term after a federal jury found him guilty of participating in a fraudulent scheme based in Huntington. The scheme involved defrauding individuals across multiple states using false online identities.

As part of the sentencing, the court has ordered Abdul Inusah to pay $152,000 in restitution and placed him under three years of supervised release following his time in jail.

Mr. Fuseini, speaking in an interview with Citi TV about the matter, expressed his shock and disappointment over his son’s actions. Despite this, he believes that Abdul Inusah fell victim to “stupidity and naivety.”

“It is a difficult thing to accept because you raise your child with the hope of them becoming a good and responsible person. You sit down with them, talk about leading a decent life, and try to instill the importance of hard work. To see him end up in this situation is truly challenging,” Mr. Fuseini shared during the interview.

He went on to explain that his son registered a company while pursuing his studies in the US, engaging in the business of buying cars for people. This move was not sanctioned by Mr. Fuseini, who believed that the primary focus of being sent to school was to concentrate on studies.

“He registered the company and was buying cars for people, a decision which I never approved of because I believe that if you are sent to school to learn, you must concentrate on your studies. But he registered the company and was buying cars for people, including some individuals in Ghana. However, in this particular case, he bought a car for his fellow students, who happened to be Nigerians. It was later discovered that the money used for the purchase was acquired fraudulently,” Mr. Fuseini stated.

Despite the situation, the former MP stands firmly by his son, maintaining that Abdul Inusah is not the type of person who would engage in illicit activities. He has offered his unwavering support during this challenging time.

Source: graphic online

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