High expectations in Scotland as Otumfuo commences 3-day visit

Tomorrow, in Scotland’s east coast town of St. Andrews, His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, Asantehene, will grace the St. Andrews Africa Summit (SAASUM) with a keynote address on the topic, “Traditional Leadership in a Modern Society.”

The Asantehene arrived in Scotland on Thursday, September 14, 2023, to commence a three-day official visit, the significant highlight of which is the keynote address at SAASUM. The Thunder gathered there has been a rush for tickets to witness the King’s keynote event at the Upper College Hall of St. Andrews University.

The summit will bring together, scholars, students and dignitaries from Africa and around the world to engage in discussions on various topics related to Africa’s development, culture, and future prospects. SAASUM, which is marking its 10th anniversary, is thrilled to have Otumfuo as the special guest.

His Majesty’s address will provide insight into the Asante Kingdom and how the diverse peoples of Ghana fit into local and national government.

Ghana, Scotland ties
His Majesty will use his visit to strengthen cultural and diplomatic ties between Ghana and Scotland, as well as explore avenues for collaboration in various fields.

He will engage in other diplomatic activities and meetings with Scottish officials and organizations aimed at fostering greater cooperation and understanding between the Ashanti Kingdom and Scotland.

‘Get To Know The King’ series
As part of our “Get To Know The King” series, SAASUM has been exploring the Asantehene’s role in bridging the gap between the Asante Kingdom and the British monarchy. During the colonial era, the Asante Kingdom interacted extensively with the British Crown and government officials, utilizing treaties and agreements to allow recognition of the Asantehene within the framework of colonial rule.

In recent years, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II has been steadfast in his commitment to strengthening and expanding positive relations.

In 2000, he shared a memorable meeting with the late Queen Elizabeth II, fostering goodwill between the Asante Kingdom and the British monarchy.

Since then, there has been a continuation of this legacy through a meeting with Princess Anne at Manhyia Palace in 2017 and the attendance of the Asantehene at King Charles’ coronation.

These diplomatic efforts symbolizes the enduring bonds between the two peoples, celebrate the rich history and a promising future of Asante-British relations.

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