Dr Bawumia’s statement on NPP orphan parliamentary primaries

Our great party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP), will gather in unity and purpose on this day of 2nd December 2023 for a pivotal task to select candidates representing us in orphan constituencies during the electoral campaign which shall be held in December 2024. It is a very important milestone in our democratic march, where we are exercising our rights and responsibilities as citizens to determine Ghana’s future.

In the spirit of camaraderie, I extend my sincerest wishes of good fortune to all the candidates who have put themselves forward for consideration. The journey they are taking requires hard work and sacrifice, but it is also one that demands a lifelong commitment to serving the people. Let them be rewarded for their efforts, and let their campaigns be marked by integrity, respect, and a genuine desire to serve the people of Ghana.

We must respect the principles underpinning our democracy as we embark on this electoral process. The principles of freedom, fair play, and peace must be upheld in the conduct of these elections. Let us remember that the true measure of our democracy lies not only in the outcome of the elections but also in the manner in which they are conducted. We all have a collective responsibility for the integrity of our electoral process, to respect people’s wishes, and to preserve the values that underpin our great nation.

Let us remember that the strength of our party lies not in individual victories or defeats, but in our collective unity, resilience, and determination, as we vote and make our voices heard. From this process, the NPP as a whole must emerge stronger, more united, and victorious. Together, we must rise above personal ambitions and partisan differences, and focus on the greater goal of advancing the principles and ideals of our great party, the New Patriotic Party.

To the candidates who will emerge successful in this primary election, I urge you to remember that your victory is not an end in itself, but rather the beginning of a new chapter of service and responsibility. We are to adopt humility and grace, working hard to win the people of Ghana’s confidence. Gratitude to those who may not succeed in this endeavour, for your courage and determination. I am pleased to report that your dedication to the ideals of our party is laudable, and my call remains for you to continue contributing your talents and skills in improving this country’s welfare.

Let us remain committed to the principles and ideals of our great party, the NPP, beyond today’s primaries. For Ghana’s people to attain freedom, progress, and prosperity, they must realise these principles and ideals. We must keep that in mind as torchbearers of hope, defenders of democratic accountability, and builders of a better future for all Ghanaians. We should therefore remove personal interests and work together, hand in hand, to create a Ghana that will be inclusive, economically prosperous as well as just.

In conclusion, I offer my sincere congratulations to the party and all parliamentary hopefuls. We pray that, as we navigate this process of democracy, the divine guidance and inspiration will be with us. May God bless Ghana, our beloved homeland, and grant us wisdom, strength, and unity to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Together, let us work towards a brighter future for all Ghanaians.

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