Ato Forson trial: Chief Justice rejects request for case transfer

The Chief Justice, Gertrude Torkonoo, has declined a request from the third accused person, Richard Jakpa, in the trial involving minority leader Ato Forson, to have the case transferred from the court of Justice Afia Serwaa Asare-Botwe.

The request to the Chief Justice was made after an incident occurred between the trial Judge and Richard Jakpa during a court session. Mr Jakpa, a businessman, had an outburst in court when he was almost denied access to the washroom.

The Judge found this behaviour unacceptable and warned the accused against any future disruptions, stating that such actions could lead to contempt charges.

Following the encounter, Mr Jakpa expressed dissatisfaction and applied to the Chief Justice to have the case administratively reassigned.

However, in a letter read in court on Thursday, Her Ladyship Justice Gertrude Torkonoo, acting as the Chief Justice, refused the request.

Meanwhile, another application by the minority group, requesting the Judge to recuse herself due to alleged bias, is still pending and awaiting consideration.

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